Working natural materials by hand, we know that each piece is a unique work, and that each product will be different from the next creating such memories in any luxury interior.

Atelier Rachman

Our handcrafted wooden furniture is 100% made in Belgium, right here at Atelier Rachman. You are someone who still values honest, quality craftsmanship and the use of sustainably sourced materials.

Project M

This interior project is designed to function a luxury workplace connected to a private home with natural materials such as marble, massive wood and iron made at Atelier Rachman from the talented hands of our artisans.

Project O

Every Rachman piece is made exclusively by one of our craftsmen, from production to finishing like this poolhouse with authentic elements in the Flanders, Belgium.

Limited Editions

The unique hand ability blends with Rachman philosophy and creates products that are standing-alone masterpieces, with details distinguishing them from any other.

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Atelier Rachman is a place where designers, craftsmen, architects meet together as a family to bring thoughts together, come up with creative ideas and new shapes. Make your appointment and discover the world of Rachman.