rachman history


The world of Rachman

In 2012 Maxim Rachman (designer and creative director) brings new life into the company Rachman with the vision to bring a unique furniture brand. A collection with love for natural materials and a discrete elegance with world’s exclusive handmade furniture. These have been the Rachman values throughout its history. Maxim Rachman, who inherited the passion and curiosity for wood, furniture and carpentry from father and late great grandfather gives each piece of furniture by Rachman an intentionally space to everyone’s life.

maxim rachman

M A X I M   R A C H M A N ,  T H E  M A N  B E H I N D  T H E  B R A N D 

Impossible is nothing...

We believe that your home, project should tell your story. This understanding means that we are passionate about creating stylish projects and all kind of furniture which are as unique and individual as you are. We’re proud of our selections as we believe it epitomises the things that we value most at Rachman: beautiful design, quality craftsmanship and elegant timelessness. Tables and complementary items for the living and for the work area, our shapes rise from the continuous and stimulant co-operation between the company and the designers, with a lively curiosity for trends, materials, technologies; and then the ability to express shapes which last longer than trends and give emotions for long time. Our pieces become icons of the past and of the present, because we don’t just build a furniture, we build a Rachman.