Holy Food Market Ghent Gent Rachman Tables

T H E   H O L Y   F O O D  M A R K E T

The first large-scale food market in Belgium in a unique venue: a church built in the 16th century. 

The center of the food city Ghent (Belgium) will have its own foodie heaven – just like in Barcelona, Copenhagen and Rotterdam. Looking at Lisbon, Barcelona and Copenhagen we see that food markets are hot and happening right now. This year, we’ll be bringing you the Belgian answer to this trend: in winter 2015 The Holy Food Market will open its doors.

 Holy Food Market Rachman Boomstamtafels Interieur Interior

Graphic Design & Interior Concept by King George - Tables Schwarz by Rachman
For more information visit The Holy Food Market

The center of the food city will have its own foodie heaven!

Belgium’s very first large-scale food market, built in a 16th century chapel in the heart of Ghent. This food concept will revive the historic building with twelve food stands and a cosmopolitan champagne and ginbar. In the nave of the church, a nice furnished sitting area is situated where consumers can eat.

Holy Food Market Rachman Maxim Rachman Interior Interieur Obsidian