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C H A T E A U  R O U G E S S E


Maxim Rachman was commissioned to redesign the interior of one of the most idyllic and peaceful locations known Château Rougesse. A region once known as a farmer village and now well known as a high-end region near Bruges, Belgium famous for its typical farmhouses. Respecting the monumental architecture of the castle, Maxim Rachman transformed the existing authentic castle into the perfect intimate family home. By both creating  new- and redefining areas yet leaving all original features intact,  an effortless flow and maximization of living space was realized. Boasting various living quarters, a terrace with panoramic view, three bathrooms and five bedrooms, the interior design of the castle allows for large gatherings with family and friends. In answer to the client’s wish for an intimate family home and passion for colors and materials, rich subdued hues and lush natural materials fill the castle with a sense of softness and warmth. A modern interpretation of effortless luxury living.

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Mixture of traditional, contemporary, eclectic and classic interiors. 

We choose for a mix of eclectic and classic furnitures with remarkable colors. Our goal was to match the castle with an equal, not ordinary interior. Because the view of the castle was already impressive, our job was to make the interior equivalent. 

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